Join the Alliance for the IPBC

Release date: January 11, 2021.


If the hummingbird strategy is not enough for you, join the IPBC Alliance!


Faced with the acceleration and acuteness of the crises, which pokes at our conscience, between wait-and-see and feelings of reactive urgency as well as helplessness, individual action – be it that of a State or a large company – no longer seems to be enough to respond and anticipate.


So, let’s join forces! The Alliance for the IPBC aims to co-construct the societal and economic ecosystem, its independence, its sustainability …


More specifically, the Alliance for the IPBC seeks to ensure:

  • Peace of mind and continuity of work (planned budgets, access to databases, organizational and territorial experimentation grounds, etc.)
  • The independence of scientists and experts relative to all pressure groups (public or private)
  • Through diversified and global funding (public and private)
  • For the sake of total transparency, under the supervision of ad hoc auditors / observers and in partnership with international reference institutions.

Alliance is open to all stakeholders who share:

  • The same awareness of the urgent need to have such an institution
  • The same will to act and to contribute, in a concrete way, to its rapid “launching” …
  • … in project mode: what roadmap, what resources to mobilize, what roles and contributions of each, what mobilization of professional networks, etc. ?

Mode of operation and “status” of the Alliance:

  • Alliance meetings participation is free (information or working groups, plenary sessions, etc.).You become a “Member of the Alliance” by signing a “Manifesto” and a “Convention” governing financial contributions (patronage / tax-exempt donations, sponsorship, etc.) and / or “in kind” (skill-based sponsorship, provision of data, resources or organizations,..
  • The Alliance is a “non-commercial brand”, a “signature” carried by IPBC. It offers an open, readable and visible framework for a collective of actors and citizens mobilized by a crucial project (better understanding and mastering of our drivers of change and fulfillment, key factors of a peaceful and sustainable society) around an objective of synergies to achieve it.

Objective 2021: finance the 1st Global Report (GR1). 

  • Target budget: 1 Million Euros.
  • Target publication date: during 2022
  • Tax-exempt donations (in particular via the IME Fund and TransGivingEurope … or any other Foundations / Funds in the world)
  • Companies of all sizes, from all sectors
  • Private Patronage…
  • Citizen mobilization / fundraising campaigns via the Internet, via “non-profit” partners (NGOs, associations, etc.)
  • Partnership of institutions & local authorities – cities, partner regions

A few dozen committed actors would be enough to launch the program… and change our future!

Target (estimated) budget “over time”: ≈ 5 Million Euros / year**

** Variable according to Reports being produced.