Scientific Reports

IPBC will release Thematics Reports reviewing urging aspects of behavioral change around every one or two years. 

The 1st Thematic Report (just a first “Informed Food for Thought”: COVID19, THE ECOLOGICAL CRISIS AND DRIVERS OF BEHAVIORAL CHANGE AND NON CHANGEis now published and downloadable from the site (click here).

More consistant, the First Main Report (MR1) is in preparation. Main reports will summarize scientific publications on behavioral change. They are being built by our team of experts from all disciplines, fondamental and applicated, around behavior and numerous parts of the world. IPBC counts on the best scientists in their specialty areas. Some of the fields covered by IPBC are ethology, biology of behavior, psychology, neurosciences, sociology, education, health, economics, anthropology and many others.

Besides reviewing cutting edge knowledge, IPBC’s reports propose a call for action. Indicating effective measures of behavioral change as well as enabling their application on desirable objectives for human welfare and environmental sustainability worldwide.