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Updated: April 11, 2021


Why act with us?
Because the nature and scale of societal, environmental and behavioral issues is unprecedented!
They question our survival as an individual and as a species.
They force us to completely reconsider our ways of living and working.

Can we make a difference?
By identifying through science the underlying nature of the obstacles and strategies capable of actually producing the expected individual and collective behavioral change and by making them accessible to all.
By bringing together a wide variety of committed actors, scientists, experts but also artists, professionals, etc … By taking initiatives and carrying out original projects capable of responding to the challenges of survival … and bringing about a profound social and professional change, massive and irreversible.

Act on the causes rather than the effects!
Engage (in multiple ways) with the Institute of Environmental Medicine to meet this immense but urgent challenge. And let’s turn it into a major opportunity for mental health, a more humane and efficient work environment, a more fulfilling and truly learning education, more fulfilling and sustainable consumption patterns, a more united society …
If you want to, we collectively have the means!

Making a cash donation for IPBC supported by the Institute allows you to benefit from significant tax deductions:

As a business: corporate tax deduction of 60%,
within the limit of 0.5% of your turnover excluding VAT (article 238 bis of the C.G.I.).

As an individual: income tax deduction of 66%,
within the limit of 20% of your taxable income.

The Faculty of Psychology of the University of Warsaw supports the initiative to establish an interdisciplinary, International Panel for Behavior Change (IPBC. The aim of the panel is to develop and propose solutions that respond to global challenges related to environmental, climate and health threats. We encourage you to read the content The IPBC Manifesto and to express your support by signing at